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Simpler Stocks – Pairs Trading – The Market Neutral Advantage Course

The first in-depth analysis of pairs trading

Pairs trading is a market-neutral strategy in its most simple form.The strategy involves being long (or bullish) one asset and short(or bearish) another. If properly performed, the investor will gainif the market rises or falls.

Pairs Trading reveals the secrets ofthis rigorous quantitative analysis program to provide individualsand investment houses with the tools they need to successfullyimplement and profit from this proven trading methodology.

PairsTrading contains specific and tested formulas for identifying andinvesting in pairs, and answers important questions such as whatratio should be used to construct the pairs properly

The greatest methods for pairs buying and selling so you’ll be able to take full benefit of every market impartial technique
How pairs buying and selling will be one of many most secure methods to generate constant returns whether or not the market goes up, down, or sideways
How you’ll be able to construct a market impartial buying and selling technique that may revenue in any form of market
How pairs buying and selling places the chances in your favor so that you by no means have to fret about market fluctuations once more
How you’ll be able to commerce just like the sensible hedge funds have been for over 30 years with as little as $5,000
You will get an internet recording the identical day because the course, and a DVD of the course quickly after
…and a complete lot extra!

Pairs Trading: The Market Neutral Advantage
– The best strategies for pairs trading so you can take full advantage of each market neutral strategy.
– How pairs trading can be one of the safest ways to generate consistent returns whether the market goes up, down, or sideways
– How you can build a market neutral trading strategy that can profit in any kind of market
– How pairs trading puts the odds in your favor so you never have to worry about market fluctuations again
– How you can trade like the smart hedge funds have been for over 30 years with as little as $5,000
– .and a whole lot more!