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The robot doesn't apply any martingale or grid strategy; the misleading tactics that could grow your account rapidly but later it'll be destroyed completely. REV Trader PRO profits from the market volatility regardless of its direction, up or down, it just rides the wave.

It's not even a scalper, protecting your money from losses by commission, spread, slippage, and broker sensitivities.

Although it comes with a powerful set of controls to refine and adjust its performance, all are preset to extremely excellent default settings.

Trade Reversal Detection Technology

It allows the robot to detect the market potential reversals with high accuracy.

False Signal Detection Technology

It allows the robot to detect and avoid false trading signals and works in conjugation with the trade reversal detection technology adding an extra level of safety.

As wes clarified, REV Trader PRO, its entire strategy, analysis and tactics all run on H1 timeframe.

Once a potential winner signal is detected by the robot proper identification of the market pattens, all the systems do their checks on that signal.

One final confirmation is performed by internal switching to the the Daily chart and re-analyze to track the direction of the trend and compare it to the acquired signal on the H1 timeframe.

If there is matching between the analysis results, the trade is performed, if not, the trade is considered false, as the daily charts clears out the short term market impurities and make its general direction more obvious.

If a signal on the H1 chart appears to be a loser one while on the daily is in favor to it, its highly probable will recover in the profitable direction.

Account Risk Management

Through it you can preset a risk percent which you'd like to oppose your account to depending on its equity.

Trade Operation Management

It's more important than opening a trade, to select the best timing for its closure. This is a build-in dynamic trade management system that locks in profits to enhance your account growth and make this growth smoother.

Live Performance