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Market Delta -Footprint Deep Dive Course

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The Footprint Deep Dive is a 10 video course that starts with the very basics of what a footprint chart is and builds upon the concepts throughout. The last several videos teach how to apply it to trading.

The MarketDelta Desktop software is not required but helps if you have it because you can begin putting into practice what is taught.

Success ultimately boils down to applying information successfully and we do our best throughout the course to help you reach your goals.

The course is self paced and taught by 2 Footprint chart experts, Trevor Harnett (creator of the footprint) and Anthony Drager, footprint chart educator and career trader.

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Learn setups and strategies taught by the creators of the Footprint chart.

Use the Footprint…

to read order flow
as a trigger to qualify trades
to spot rotations and thin spots
to spot real time support and resistance
and many more examples
This course will take you from the Footprint basics all the way to professional application.

Course content:
0. Footprint Deep Dive Promo 
1. Footprint Deep Dive - What Are Footprints
2. Footprint Deep Dive - Imbalance Footprint
3.Footprint Deep Dive - Everything Delta
4.Footprint Deep Dive - Rotations & Thin Spots
5.Footprint Deep Dive - The Footprint Filter
6.Footprint Deep Dive - Strategies & Setups Part 1
7.Footprint Deep Dive - Pattern & Setups Part 2
8.Footprint Deep Dive - Improve Candlesticks with Footprints
9.Footprint Deep Dive - Realtime Support & Resistance -1
10.Footprint Deep Dive - Realtime Support & Resistance -2